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personal injury law

Personal Injury

We handle Personal Injury related to Auto Accidents, Brain Injury, Bus Accidents, Product Liability, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death, and Premises Liability. It's our job to get you the most compensation you are entitled to under the law. We want to help you resolve your legal issue as quickly as possible.

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insurance law

Insurance Law

Insurance companies are quick to cash your premium check.  When that same insurance company breaks its promise to pay on a legitimate claim, you need experienced counsel to take your side. We've been fighting insurance companies and winning for more than twenty years. 

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employment law

Employment Law

You put in a fair day's work and expect a fair day's pay. Maybe your employer is taking advantage. Not paying you overtime due under the law. Not allowing you breaks or making you work "off-the-clock" by creating phony records that show you are working fewer hours than is true.

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With offices in Sherman Oaks, California and throughout Southern California, DANIELS LAW is there for you.  For more than twenty years, we have successfully prosecuted difficult cases for individuals suffering life-changing personal injuries, brain injury and wrongful death.

We are recognized leaders in representing people when their insurance companies let them down by acting in bad faith, with multiple six and seven figure verdicts and settlements involving everything from failure to pay fire insurance claims to wrongfully denying valid disability claims.

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We have an established record of excellent results representing employees in the workplace, taking on employment discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and wage and hour matters.

Whether you were injured in an automobile accident, by a defect in property creating premises liability, suffered the wrongful death of a loved one or experienced some other life-changing serious personal injury, DANIELS LAW is on your side.

If you need representation, call our office today. We’ll get you scheduled for a consultation promptly and give your case the personal attention it deserves.

I'm 100% satisfied with the outcome of my case. They were inviting to any questions I had. They always gave me a prompt and accurate response. They returned all my phone calls. Mr. Daniels and his staff were courteous to me throughout the whole case from start to finish.``

Damian W. (Personal Injury, Automobile)
Damian W. (Personal Injury, Automobile)

I am a retired Chinese language teacher and I give Mr. Daniels an “A+.” Mr. Daniels is a very polite, kind and reasonable attorney. He answered all my questions and returned my phone calls and remembered who I was. His attention was personal and gratifying. I know Mr. Daniels is a person I can trust. I got a very good result and I feel satisfied.

Kitty T. (Personal Injury, Automobile)
Kitty T. (Personal Injury, Automobile)