Employment Law


employment lawYou put in a fair day’s work and expect a fair day’s pay.

Maybe your employer is taking advantage.  Not paying you overtime due under the law.  Not allowing you breaks or making you work “off-the-clock” by creating phony records that show you are working fewer hours than is true.

Maybe something happened in the workplace that is illegal.  Could be you were fired for reasons that are against the law.  Maybe you’ve been sexually harassed, or discriminated against because you’re the “wrong” race, creed, color, gender or sexual orientation.


Employers have access to top flight attorneys.  What about you?

DANIELS LAW is a top flight firm with more than twenty years experience fighting for employee rights.  We’ve been part of some of the biggest employee versus employer cases in the U.S..  We’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients after their employers broke the law.

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Attorneys trust DANIELS LAW to take on their difficult employment cases.  Shouldn’t you trust us, too?