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Overtime Wage Hour AttorneysEmployee wages, hours, and overtime pay are generally covered by the California Labor Law. Under California Law, employers are required to pay their employees a “minimum wage,” and overtime wages when an hourly “non-exempt” employee works more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours in one week. Many employees lose their overtime by employers who have misclassified them as an “exempt” or an independent contractor. This misclassification robs the employee of wages they deserve.

It is important to realize that there are federal as well as state requirements that an employee must meet to determine if their rights have been violated, and an employer has acted unlawfully. Working with an experienced employment attorney will help you analyze your options. Employees of large corporations can also use a class action lawsuit to sue for labor law violations, discriminatory practices, labor law violations or violation of employment agreements on a large scale.

If your employer ignores California law and is refusing to pay wages for your hard work, we can help.

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In all cases a Statute of Limitations applies so action must be taken within a defined period of time, so if you have a case and need an attorney, making contact early rather than later is strongly advised.

DANIELS LAW is passionate about protecting the rights of California employees. We have been involved in recovering over $500 million for California workers in wage and hour cases.  We can help you too.

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