Bad Faith


bad faithYou pay your insurance premium on time every month, trusting that if disaster ever strikes, your insurance company will stand with you. When the company breaks its promise and won’t pay or treat you fairly, that’s when you may have a claim for insurance bad faith.


Ask yourself:

   What happens when your insurance company doesn’t pay?

   Where do you turn when they betray your trust?

   How do you make them live up to their obligations?

   Can you pursue a denied fire, disability or life insurance claim?

DANIELS LAW can help. When you challenge an insurance company, they will do everything possible to legally avoid paying your claim. That’s where we come in, because our team of trial experts is up to the challenge of putting the law on your side.

Insurance bad faith law is the big equalizer between the consumer and the big insurance carrier. Basically, the law requires that the insurer act reasonably when handling your claim.

That means it has to live up to various duties the law imposes, like the duty to fully, fairly and thoroughly investigate the claim, or the duty to consider all evidence supporting coverage, not just evidence supporting a denial.

When a judge or jury finds that your insurance company has acted unreasonably and in bad faith, the law imposes various penalties and can award you compensation for emotional distress and the attorneys fees incurred to obtain your benefits. Where the conduct is extreme, the insurance carrier can be subject to punitive damages, that is, money damages intended to punish the company and deter it from continuing its wrongful conduct.

Insurance bad faith is a highly technical area of the law and requires special knowledge and expertise to successfully prosecute a case. Our firm has long been a leader in the insurance bad faith field. We are recognized across the nation as expert in successfully prosecuting insurance companies that unfairly will not pay. With numerous verdicts and settlements totaling in the tens of millions of dollars, we are experts at your service.

It is important to note that bad faith cases arise from disputes between you and your own insurance company. If another person’s insurance company is refusing to pay money to you, that is not bad faith since there is no insurance contract between you and the other person’s company. But if your own insurance company tries to make you pay for damages for which someone else is responsible, they may be acting in bad faith and not protecting your best interests.

DANIELS LAW has a strong record of success in pursuing insurance companies when they avoid their obligations, such as a denied life insurance claim.

In fact we will take your case on a contingency fee basis: if you receive no financial settlement, there is no legal fee!

Contact us today for a free consultation on the merits of your case. When you need experts on insurance bad faith or a denied life insurance claim, Daniels Law is on your side!