Verdicts and settlements we have achieved on behalf of our clients.

Doe v. Luster | $20,526,000

Personal safety. Max Factor heir, Andrew Luster, drugged and raped his live-in girlfriend and videotaped the crimes. An action was filed and went to trial in Ventura County, California.

Doe HOA vs. Roe Ins. Co. | $13,500,000

Enforcing fair dealing in insurance. Following the January 17, 1994 Northridge Earthquake, the insurance company made advance payments to the Homeowners Association and then stopped. The HOA sued for bad faith refusal to pay the claim.

Doe Insured v. Doe Disability Insurance Co. | $6,900,000

Enforcing fair dealing in insurance. A prominent transplant surgeon found himself disabled after suffering a sports-related brain injury. He subsequently made a claim on his three disability policies, all of which promised to pay him monthly benefits in the event he was ever unable to perform his regular transplant surgeon duties. Despite a documented hand tremor, cognitive deficits and visual acuity problem, the disability carrier refused to pay. When a bad faith lawsuit was filed, the carrier defended ferociously. Even so, the matter settled for nearly $7 million, believed a record settlement for the defendant insurance carrier.

Mary Doe vs. Pharmaceutical Company | $6,000,000

Drug safety. A young woman suffered severe physical injury including primary pulmonary hypertension after ingesting a defective drug.

Oasis v. Doe Insurance Co. | $4,700,000

Enforcing fair dealing in insurance. When a nightclub tragically burned to the ground, the insurance company refused to pay and sued their own insured for fraud. Despite the carrier’s repeated threat that it would “never pay a dime” on the claim, the matter settled on the eve of trial for a substantial premium.

Zevada v. Sasson | $3,500,000

Enforcing fair and honest dealings. We represented a family-owned supermarket chain that mistakenly signed a lease with a gross percentage rental clause that effectively stripped the profits from the business. The court ruled that the term was a mistake and awarded significant damages.

Alvarado v. City of Anaheim | $2,500,000

Workplace safety. A construction worker suffered brain injury following a fall at a construction site.

Gonzalez v. Dewalt Brown and Pasa Alta Manor, Inc. | $2,000,000

Disability safety. In this cutting edge case against a residential care facility, failure to provide promised medical services to a mentally challenged woman resulted in the birth of a tragically disabled child. Despite a vigorous defense based on constitutional law, the matter settled on the eve of trial for the total available insurance.

Doe, Driver v. Doe Car Rental Company | $1,300,000

Automotive product safety. A 15-passenger van overturned on a Nevada highway causing the death of a 60-year old woman. A product liability claim was filed which claimed the accident was caused by handling and stability design defects. Despite the defendant’s claims that the accident was caused by the driver falling asleep, the product case settled shortly before trial.

Doe, Mike v. Roe Disability Ins. Co. | $1,000,000

Enforcing fair dealing in insurance. A disabled businessman was cut off by his disability insurance carrier in a dispute over whether his disability was physical or psychological. After providing an expert report documenting the true nature of the disability, the Defendant quickly settled.

Anderson v. Village Covenant Church | $980,000

Child safety. School safety. Pediatric brain injury.

Kaufman v. Record Surplus | $425,000

Pedestrian and elder safety. Traumatic brain injury and premises liability.

Luksan v. Colvin | $306,590

Enforcing fair dealing among heirs. Breach of oral contract to make a will.